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About Mark Williams


Mark Williams is a charismatic revivalist, author, Evangelist and Teacher, a prodigal whom Jesus called through personal visitation. Mark was raised in a home church environment during the days of the Jesus People Movement, surrounded by anointed leaders and teachers, including his first mentor Derek Prince, as well as Bob Mumford, Don Bashem, Mahesh Chavda and his parents, Jim & Julia Chandler, the first prayer team leaders of The Christian Embassy in Jerusalem and organizers of the Christian Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem that continues to this day.

Mark has an uncommon double anointing and has ministered and taught into 25 nations, including a globally broadcast radio program, presenting the Gospel confirmed with signs, wonders and miracles including medically documented stage four cancers and spinal injuries healed, long term coma's healed and blind eyes and deaf ears opened. Mark also ministers in deliverance, setting captives free from demonic bondage, without hyped alarm or sensationalism. A gifted teacher, Mark reveals scriptural truths, making the complex easy to understand. 

Mark studied First Century Evangelism and Discipleship at Global Revival M.A.P. (Messianic, Apostolic, Prophetic) School of Eilat, Israel and was ordained into the ministry by his current mentor and overseer, Jim Croft, senior board member of Derek Prince Ministries International.

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~May the blood of Jesus cover, bless and protect you!
Mark Williams

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