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Friday, April 19, 2019

Three Days and Three Nights

To understand that Jesus didn't die on a Friday, as religious teachings hold, you must have a very basic understanding of Jewish time and holy days.

Jewish days run sunset to sunset. Thursday actually begins at sunset Wednesday and this pattern repeats itself.  After sunset on Wednesday evening, of the week Jesus was crucified, Christ chose to serve His disciples a 'Pesach', or the 'day of preparation for Passover' ritual meal that we’ve come to call the Last Supper.  Later that night, Jesus was arrested and tried in two courts, lasting through the night.  He was summarily crucified at 9AM on Thursday and died at 3PM - at the exact time of day that the slaughter of Passover lambs was happening throughout the land. He was buried and entombed on that same Thursday..  After sundown, and the beginning of Friday, while  He laid in the tomb, observant Jews ate the Passover in the comfort of their homes. This initiated back-to-back Sabbaths, and no work was permitted.  The first Sabbath was on Friday, the first day of unleavened bread, or Passover. On a side note, the Jewish priests actually defied this day’s prohibition against 'Gentile contamination' by meeting with Pilate to ensure Jesus’ tomb was guarded so that no one could steal His body, therefore ensuring that His followers couldn't claim that He had risen, as promised. The following day, Saturday was the regular, weekly Sabbath. Sunday began at sundown Saturday night, after which Jesus was resurrected Sunday morning.  Using the Jewish custom of counting days - sunset-to-sunset - and understanding the timing of weekly Sabbaths and the addition of the special holy day Sabbath that took place that year, is the only way to derive that Christ fulfilled the prophesied three days & nights in the grave. He died on Thursday, not the traditional Friday, and rose on Sunday. Hallelujah and Amen!!

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