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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Muslim Conversion Testimonies

As some know, I have been doing some ghost writing for converted Muslims in the Middle East that are published in a monthly Newsletter. The August edition was particularly striking as it contained testimonies from Muslims who were saved not by someone witnessing to them or even by reading a Bible - but by direct visitation from Christ. This is happening all over the Middle East and is simply, wonderfully miraculous. Not to give detail as these folks live in threat of their lives, but one testimony was from an underground home church leader who started in January with seven and has grown to 45 - and every single one was saved by way of personal visitation from Jesus. Another involved an entire family saved when Jesus appeared to them in the desert while they were escaping. For those that think for a moment that Jesus doesn't show himself personally to His chosen, these testimonies would blow your mind. 
I say Praise God!

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