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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Growth is a Process

If you're going through stuff, praise God! If you seem to face trial after trial, praise God! God wants all of you to rely on Him and trust in Him for everything! Sometimes we must be broken before we truly surrender to the will of God in our lives. Sometimes we must be broken to fully trust Him to provide. We are changed through the process of trials, so praise Him in the storm! God has plans for you but He needs you malleable, trainable and mold-able so that HE can shape you into His tool for His purpose. You want to see God use you? Surrender! You want to see miracles in your life? Surrender!
Brokenness yields to surrender. Surrender yields to humbleness. Humbleness yields to faith! Faith yields to obedience and obedience yields to blessing! Growth is a process. You can't clothe yourself with compassion, kindness and humility until you have stripped yourself of everything counter to these ideals. Let yourself go and let God!

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