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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Biblical Prophecy & the Islamic Anti-Christ

The Black Stone of Mecca being worshiped by tens of thousands of Muslims.

Most sensible Christians would admit that for generations Bible believing saints have espoused half-baked end-time doctrines and forecasts that have made a mockery of viable witness. There are countless prognostications that most any new controversial politician who comes on the scene is the antichrist. As far as the nations that will come against Israel,  the country names cited in the Bible are of North Africa, Turkey and the Middle East eastward past Iran. This shifts the antichrist’s rule from Euro-Centric to Middle East-Centric. Knowledge of this will not change the fact that there will be a final battle. But, it does give Christianized nations of North America, the UK and so forth reason to defend Israel as sheep nation combatants on the side of Jesus rather than as goat nations that will be annihilated when they wage war against Israel.” 

~ Jim Croft, Globally recognized Bible teacher and expert on Islam

Islam-centric Versus Euro-centric Anti-Christ
The idea of an Islamic-centric anti-Christ has been well established in the writings and beliefs of traditional theologians. It is strictly a modern view that takes on the Euro-centric view. As we will discuss in this writing, this belief is not based on a hermeneutical or accurate interpretation of scripture but is based on a purely eisegetical interpretation – a kind of ‘make it up as you go’. This is not to say that all modern interpreters are wrong about everything in their assessments, but I believe, upon examining scripture, that they are wrong regarding the viewpoint regarding the anti-Christ, his system and where he will come from. All Christians have in common the belief in Christ as the Son of God, the Trinity, the resurrection, support of Israel, the rapture, the anti-Christ, etc. – all the foundational Christian creeds and beliefs. Where we differ is on the issue of where the anti-Christ will come from and how his ‘mark’ will be manifested. 

The Christian doctrine of the antichrist and his mark centers on a collection of scriptural prophecies that a false messiah will come at the end of the age and deceive multitudes of believers into worshiping him. Revelation 13:1-18 encapsulates this subject well. I believe that one of the most incorrect ideas put forward by modern interpreters, is the notion that the nations that will come against Israel in the last battle are made up of European Union countries. These misinterpreted assumptions are based on western-lead thinking, rather than a true Biblical interpretation and, oddly enough, in no way reflect how Israel’s enemies even think on the subject.  When we begin to compare these eschatological views to those of accurate biblical translation, we get a much different picture of who will come against Israel and from where the anti-Christ will arise.

In the Islamic eschatological views the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, declared that, at some point in time, there would be a Muslim war against Israel coming from the area of Khorasan, which was Persia in biblical times and modern-day Iran.  This war is to be waged with Iran joining forces with an alliance of Islamic nations to come against Israel. If fact, Muhammad said that, “every Muslim must join in this fight even if he has to crawl in snow” to get there. Another aspect of the Islamic perception is that the world will end when they win this battle and Israel is annihilated. Of course, this goes against the Word and promises of God to protect Israel, but that is the Islamic view, as taught in the Quran. With all the end-times prophecies being currently spewed out of the west, this concept goes against almost everything being taught today, which is Euro-centered, and includes the end-times battle between Israel and Islamic-only nations and rising of the anti-Christ strictly in the Middle East – not Rome or Russia or Germany or any European nation for that matter. This is because when you examine books written on eschatology by modern western Bible teachers, you will discover that there is very little emphasis put on the Muslim world when it comes to the anti-Christ. Almost every western book written on the subject is Euro-centric, whereas the nations referenced in the Bible are, today, all Muslim fundamentalists – every single one of them.

Walid Shoebat, the converted Islamic terrorist and expert on Islam, has put forth three challenges to anyone to prove that this viewpoint is inaccurate, and I would reiterate them here.

1)      Did traditional Christian scholars, the church fathers and old interpreters of Bible prophecy, interpret a Euro-centric view when it came to end times, causing modern interpreters to miss out on a huge amount of information that was given to us in the past and accepted as fact?

These views and interpretations were slanted to a Euro-centric take on things, with zero consideration of the Islamic view, which directly correlates to scripture.  Not that they did this intentionally or anything but their views were tainted because they were all European scholars. Not one Islamic expert was ever consulted.  These views include the notion that the anti-Christ will come from Europe. Even when you think about it from a purely logical standpoint it doesn’t make sense.

I agree with Walid, Jim Croft, Brigitte Gabriel and a growing number of other Bible scholars today, that the anti-Christ is coming from the Eastern sector of a revival of the Roman Empire. This would include Turkey, Syria, Iraq, western Iran and around the Mediterranean to Egypt. Some people may object to this but, using an argument that Jesus once used regarding John the Baptist:  ‘By what right did Martin Luther write about Islam and the Islamic nations being the embodiment of the beast coming against Israel?’  The truth is that almost all of the traditional interpreters of the Bible included Islam as being the anti-Christ.  John Calvin stated that Islam was the advent of the anti-Christ; Sir Robert Anderson, who unlocked the mystery of the 70 weeks of Daniel, in his book “The Coming Prince”, stated that when we examine the revival of the Roman Empire we must concentrate on the eastern areas of the Roman Empire, but not Rome.  In addition to Luther, Calvin and Anderson, Josiah Litch, who used biblical prophecy to predict the fall of the Ottoman Empire, stated that the majority of protestant teachers agreed that Islam was the advent of the coming of the anti-Christ, that it is the system of the beast.  In addition, John Foxe, author of “The Book of Martyrs” has also stated that Islam is the anti-Christ system.  

In the 9th century, the martyrs of Cordova, in Spain, chose to be martyred, inviting execution by making public statements tactically chosen to invite martyrdom.  Some even appeared before the Muslim authorities to denounce Muhammad. This group of 48 Christian believers had interpreted from scripture that the anti-Christ was Muslim – they believed that Islam is the anti-Christ, so they chose to preserve their biblical interpretation and to disrupt the system of Islam as much as they could, knowing, without question, that they would be beheaded. So, the vast majority of traditional protestant teachers have believed and taught that Islam was the system of the anti-Christ and that THE anti-Christ would spring forth from Islam. But, this traditional teaching faded with the collapse of the Ottoman system in 1922. After this Islamic Empire died out, modern interpreters began looking elsewhere as far as the anti-Christ was concerned, forgetting that scripture tells us that the beast would have one of its heads wounded – “head” being symbolic for ‘empire’. So, when the Ottoman system collapsed it fulfilled biblical prophecy but to the modern biblical interpreters, who weren’t paying attention, it served as a decoy if you will to distract them from the truth. As a result we have a variety of modern hysterical interpretations of where the anti-Christ will come from. They are hysterical because they are not based on biblical prophecy but rather on misinformation and fear resulting from that misinformation – and the devil loves misinformation, amen? As we will prove, Biblical prophecy specifically tells us that this wounded head will be revived in the end of times and this is where the anti-Christ will come from.

2)      When we look at all the literal references in scripture at all the nations that God destroys in the end of days, the burden against Arabia; Damascus being destroyed in one day, etc. In every single reference, the nations destroyed are 100% Muslim.

This includes the misinterpretation of the ‘Kings of the East’ coming from China with an army of 200 million, etc. Nowhere in scripture does anything point to China. It simply says “Kings from the East”. The China part is part of this modern interpretation, which is totally incorrect, according to scripture.  This is why it is crucial to study scripture from a ‘Hermeneutical’ perspective.

Hermeneuticsis derived from the Greek word hermeneia, which literally means 'interpretation' or 'translation'. In Greek mythology Hermes mediated divine messages to human beings, who needed assistance in understanding divine communications.  In a biblical sense, Hermeneutics is the theory of interpreting scripture. There are two basic laws of Hermeneutics:
(1) Most of the Bible is literal, with no “hidden” truths, it says what it means and means what it says. This approach leads us to the adage, “The Bible says it, I believe it so that settles it”
(2) Scripture must be interpreted historically, grammatically, and contextually.
·         Historical interpretation refers to understanding the culture, background, and situation which prompted the text. Also included in historical interpretation is the concept of cross-referencing scripture to come to proper interpretation. If you have a question as to the meaning or use of a word or phrase, you can look to other scriptures to see how it was used before. 

·         Grammatical interpretation is recognizing the rules of grammar and nuances of the Hebrew and Greek languages and applying those principles to the understanding of a passage.
·         Contextual interpretation involves always taking the surrounding context of a verse/passage into consideration when trying to determine the meaning.

Applying hermeneutical study to scripture in no way limits or stifles the Holy Spirit speaking to us to reveal any hidden truths that exist, it simply clears up any confusion as to language or contextual usage in scripture and helps to better interpret scripture. The goal of biblical hermeneutics is to point us to the correct interpretation which the Holy Spirit has already inspired in the text. And the purpose of biblical hermeneutics is to protect us from improperly applying a Scripture to a particular situation by pointing us to the true meaning and application of Scripture. 

Hebrews 4:12 declares, "For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart." Biblical hermeneutics is the stone that keeps the sword sharp!

As a 'science' or 'art', hermeneutics is aimed at bridging the gulf between ancient scriptural texts and the modern reader. This is required because the Bible is thousands of years old, is written in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic and is the product of cultural, political and religious backdrops that are very remote from those of today. So, hermeneutics has the goal of making it possible for God's people to hear God's word fresh, in idioms which contemporary men and women understand, but which are also faithful to the biblical witness. 

To this extent there is an overlap between hermeneutics and the more familiar practice of Exegesis, which means "to draw the meaning out of" a given text. Hermeneutics is a form of exegesis. Many times today you’ll see the terms hermeneutics and exegesis used interchangeably because there are many similarities – but hermeneutics takes the detail of interpretation a bit further than exegesis. Hermeneutics is also applied to the interpretation of speech, performances, works of art, and even events, whereas exegesis is used in textual interpretation only.

Eisegesis on the other hand means “to read one's own interpretation” into a given text. This is what we want to stay away from when studying scripture – but unfortunately what many modern “scholars” have done without any foundational or hermeneutical reasoning behind their interpretation at all.

Eliminating the Non-Players

‘Kings from the East’ - When we apply hermeneutical principles to scriptural interpretation, we must look at other parts in scripture, for example where someone “from the east” is mentioned. So, let’s look at the “Wise men (Magi) from the East”, the same wise men who came to Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus.  Did the wise men come from China, or Russia for that matter? It says they came from the ‘Orient’ no? So, what’s the problem with applying China or Russia to this usage of “from the east”? When we apply historical hermeneutics to this interpretation we get the understanding that the ‘Orient’ in biblical times referred to Persia and Babylonia – something by the way that all scholars agree on - and what modern day country or countries are located in exactly the same place where ancient Persia and Babylonia were? Iran and Iraq, both Muslim countries through and through and enemies of Israel and all things Christian to this day. The names have changed but the locations have stayed the same – and it’s certainly not China! Interpreting “the east” or “the orient” in scripture to mean China is an excellent example of Eisegesis, or reading one’s own interpretation into scripture with no foundational reasoning behind it at all. There is absolutely no hermeneutical or exegesisical foundation for this interpretation and yet it prevails in a lot of circles today. In addition, there are now more Christians in China than in the U.S., approximately 155 million or 11% of total population, and that number is growing by 5% annually, while there are only 40 million Muslims growing at 1.7%. These figures come from the Muslim Media Network, which has no reason to lie about their own population figures. When we look at these numbers alone it does not indicate that the anti-Christ would come from China when the Muslim growth rate has actually decreased by .5% in the last decade.

In addition to misinterpreting this scripture from a hermeneutical standpoint, this interpretation also ignores the fact that the scripture specifically states Kings, as in plural. China is ruled by ONE ruler and always has been. This scripture refers to more than one, or several, leaders (Kings) coming from the east (east of the Euphrates) to attack Israel. Hermeneutically speaking, if we look at the modern-day map and compare it to the ancient names – again the names have changed but the locations have not – we find east of the Euphrates Iraq, Iran, then Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia – ALL Muslim countries and ALL much more likely to come against Israel than China. These lands fit the biblical bill perfectly: all East of the Euphrates and, of course, multiple leaders, or “Kings.” 

The fact is that there is not one nation mentioned in the Bible, as far as end-time destruction goes that is not a Muslim nation today. Of course, this also negates the notion that Rome and the Catholic Church will be part of the forces of the anti-Christ, as many believe. This belief is based mostly on some anti-Semitic doctrine stemming from the Nicea council of 325AD, misinterpretation of scripture and practices within the Catholic Church (i.e. idol worship in the form of bowing to statues, which goes directly against the second commandment, etc.). While the Catholic Church is off base on some issues, the problem in the context of it being the anti-Christ is that “Rome” is mentioned 15 times in scripture (6 times in Acts; twice in Romans; twice in 2 Timothy and 1 time each in Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon) but not one of them refers to destruction in the end times. So get Rome out of your head as far as a ‘nation’ that will come against Israel in the end – it is nowhere to be found in scripture. But what about the 7 hills or mountains of Rome, you say? Doesn’t Revelation 13 and 17 speak of this? The problem with this is that the word “mountain” in scripture, unless referring to a specific literal mountain, consistently refers to Kingdoms. For examples of this see Psalm 30:7; Isaiah 2:2; Daniel 44, 45 and Revelation 17:9-11. In Revelation these seven mountains are also referred to in speaking about seven Kings. Do Kings rule over mountains? No, they rule over Kingdoms.  Revelation 17:10 speaks of seven kings of seven Kingdoms and John clearly states that 5 of these Kingdoms have fallen, one is and one is to come. From John’s perspective, the five fallen empires are Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, Persia and Greece. The “one that is” is Rome, which was the current empire at the time of John’s writing, and the last one, number seven, has not yet come. If we look at history, the Roman Empire ceased to exist in Rome in the 5th century, but continued to exist in its eastern territories, especially in Constantinople, for another thousand years. This remnant of the Roman Empire was then called the Byzantine Empire, but was still referred to as ‘the Roman Empire’. When this last stronghold of the Roman Empire fell in 1453, it fell to the Ottoman Turks, Muslims under Mehmed II or Mohammed the Conqueror.  Mohammed was the seventh King and the Ottoman Empire was the seventh Kingdom, the one that ‘is to come’, referred to in Revelation 17. This interpretation is not some ‘wild hair’ but was commonly accepted during ancient times.  We must consider history, context and grammar when studying scripture to get the most accurate interpretation. 

The Bible goes on to say in Revelation 17:11, that “"The one which was and is not, is himself also an eighth and is one of the seven, and he goes to destruction.”  In Revelation 13:3, “I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast.” Here the seventh head (also means Kingdom) of the beast was fatally wounded and its wound was healed and it is revived again (the 8th head) and the whole earth was amazed and followed the beast. If we combine this verse with Revelation 17:11  it becomes clear that the seventh head (the Ottoman Empire that was slain in 1922 with its abolishment), the Islamic Empire, will rise again in the end times and will lead Satan’s forces at Armageddon, only to be destroyed. 

Again, all of this is confirmed in the fact that every single nation that is named as being part of the anti-Christ’s armies – and that are destroyed in the end – are Muslim! Every single one without exception.

3)      There is a ‘modern’ argument that says that all the Muslim nations mentioned that battles Christ, must be destroyed before the advent of the anti-Christ.

This is another example of Eisegesis, or “reading one's own interpretation” at work in the interpretation of scripture. The folks that hold this view are holding onto the idea that the anti-Christ will come from Europe or the European Union. This is an incorrect interpretation because of the fact, again, that all the nations that are mentioned as being a part of the anti-Christ in the end times are Muslim, and this interferes with the European anti-Christ interpretation. If the anti-Christ is European, then every Muslim nation mentioned in scripture as being part of the end-times anti-Christ must be somehow eliminated in order to usher in their 10-member European anti-Christ. Unfortunately, this does not fit with scripture. Again, according to the Word of God, on the Day of the Lord, every single nation that the Lord fights against is an Islamic country today. 

Just one proof of this comes to us from Ezekiel 30:3-5, which explains the fighting on the day of the Lord. In Ezekiel 30:4-5 the Lord is fighting Muslim countries: Egypt, Lydia, which is modern Turkey, the Eastern Roman Empire; Libya, which is North Africa today, composed of Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania – all part of the Western Roman Empire. The modern view drops all of these and incorrectly focuses on Europe somehow. It just isn’t scriptural – or logical for that matter.  There is not one country mentioned in the Bible, as far as end-times are concerned, that is today European, not one! 

In Isaiah 63:1 when Jesus comes against Edom, most modern thinkers will tell you that Edom is today’s Jordan. But when we look at Isaiah 25:12-13 it tells us that Edom is in the region of Teman, which is modern day Yeman to Dedan, which is the heart of the Arab world. So, Arabia is mentioned in destruction by the hand of the Messiah Himself in Isaiah 63:1 when it says that His garments are dyed with blood as like he that treads in the wine press. This exact same reference is given in Revelation 19:15 when it says “And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.” Jesus is treading the winepress in Edom, the heart of the Arab world, the birthplace of Islam - not Europe.  In Habakkuk 3:7, Christ fights the region of Midian, today part of Saudi Arabia, the heart of the Arab world. 1 Kings 11:17-18 proves today’s location of both Edom and Midian when it talks of Hadad the Edomite passing through Midian while fleeing from Edom to Egypt. If you look at a modern map of the Middle East, you must pass through Saudi Arabia in order to get from Yeman to Egypt.

Even in the judgment of the nations, in Joel 3:2, the Messiah is clearly on earth in the ‘valley of Jehoshaphat’, Armageddon, and He is fighting the surrounding nations and judging the surrounding nations. In Joel 3:4, He is challenging the nations of Tyre (modern Lebanon) and Sidon and “all the regions of Philistia”. Philistia is modern day Gaza. He is fighting with Lebanon and Gaza, He’s fighting with Hezbollah and Hamas!

Question: Why would Christ be fighting with Lebanon and Gaza if the anti-Christ is supposedly coming from Italy? Is that even logical let alone scriptural?

Further proof comes from scripture as to the type of death that martyrs for Christ will endure. You do know that we will be martyred if we’re alive in end times don’t you? Scripture tells us so. It says in Revelation 20:4And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand; and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.”

Who is beheading Christians today? Is Italy beheading Christians? Is England? Germany? France? Russia? China? No. The only nations that are actively beheading Christians today and will continue to do so until Jesus comes on the clouds are all Muslim! Again, every single one is a Muslim nation. If you’re waiting for Italy to start setting up guillotines in St. Peter’s square, you’re got a long wait – and I personally don’t think we’re going to have to wait that long. 

Islamic Eschatology

In Islamic eschatology, when the Mahdi (pronounced Mahadi - the redeemer of Islam) comes, he brings seven years of peace. According to scripture, in Daniel 9:27, it tells of the coming of the anti-Christ, introduced in Daniel 7:8 and 24-26, saying he will create a seven year covenant of peace, that he will break in the middle, positioning himself in the Temple Mount and declaring himself to be God. The confusion in the western world is that our understanding is that Islam rejects the deification of a man, so how therefore, can the anti-Christ come from the Muslim world? This is exactly the reasoning behind why they reject Jesus as God. But it isn’t what we think that defines deification; the Bible is the authority that defines deification. The Bible defines worship. The Bible, for example, says that a man can worship money. But if you go to a greedy man and tell him that he worships money, he will tell you you’re crazy. Worship is that which you glorify the most. Show me what you seek after (glorify) and that is what you worship, whatever it is. Muslims not only worship Muhammad, they will also worship the Mahdi when he comes.  

They also worship the black stone. The black stone is the eastern cornerstone of the Kaaba, the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This is what all Muslims bow down and pray to when they pray ‘to the east’, for example. According to Islamic tradition, the black stone was placed there by Muhammad himself in 605 A.D. In fact, the Muslim tradition of getting sin forgiven calls for a pilgrimage to Mecca and walking around the black stone seven times. Islam teaches that the black stone is black because it contains all their sins. This very act, as ridiculous as it sounds, puts the black stone in a position of deity.  But if you ask a Muslim if they worship the black stone they will out and out deny it. But how can that be if all 1.6 billion Muslims, currently 23% of the world’s population, bow down and pray to it. They don’t even pray to Allah, or even Muhammad, but to the black stone. Is that a contradiction or what?

In actuality, according to Walid Shoebat, the Christian leader who converted from Islam, deep down they don’t even think they worship Muhammad, but they do. The very name ‘Muhammad’ means “the praised one”. He is also called “the glorious one”.

Question in Logic: Does it even make sense logically to call a mere man, someone who you say you do not worship or deify, the glorious one or the praised one? This is so typical of the constant contradiction found in Islam. They say they don’t worship Mohammad or the black stone, but yet every single Muslim on the planet prays by turning in the direction of the black stone. That is direct contradiction. That is Islam.

The Islamic salvation creed states “I declare there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger” If Muslims claim that Mohammed is a mere prophet, then why is it absolutely mandatory, according to their own salvation creed, to state that “there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger?” This would be the equivalent of Christians claiming salvation by saying ‘there is no God but Yahweh and Joel is His messenger” Making such a statement puts Joel in a position of deification – just as the Islamic statement of salvation puts Mohammed in a position of deification. Islam does believe that Muhammad is the intercessor for Muslims – and as such is deified in that position, whether they own up to it or not. He sits on the right-hand side of Allah and intercedes for them, just as Christians place Jesus at the right hand of God as intercessor for us. That, my friend, is deity. This is another example of the contradiction and confusion of Islam. Who creates confusion? Satan.

Isaiah 21:9 says “Babylon is fallen, is fallen” is exactly the same reference in Revelation 18:2 regarding mystery Babylon that has fallen. But Isaiah 21:11 takes it even further when it talks about an entire region that is fallen – “The burden of Dumah”.  For westerners, Dumah is skipped altogether when discussing end times but Dumah was the son of Ishmael and the founder of the Ishmaelite tribe of Arabia. Here it refers to a town in the highlands of Judah between Hebron and Beersheba, Dumat al-Jandal, which literally means "Dumah of the Stone". The stone ruins are still there today – google it J  It is in the heart of the Arab world and in fact was a major intersection of ancient trade routes linking Mesopotamia , Syria and the Arabian Peninsula.  Everyone knows about Syria and the Arabian Peninsula today, but where is Mesopotamia on today’s map?  Mesopotamia means "the land between the rivers" in Greek;  meso meaning "middle or between" and "potam" is the root for river. An excellent example of modern usage of ‘potam’ is seen in the word hippopotamus or "river horse." Mesopotamia was the ancient name for what is now Iraq, the land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers – and obviously a Muslim country.

So, as the founder of the Ishmaelite tribe of Arabia, the word ‘Dumah’ here can easily be replaced with the word Arabia – “the burden of Arabia”, just as it appears in Isaiah 21:13 - in the King James – “The burden upon Arabia”. God fully destroys Arabia in Isaiah 21, culminating in Isaiah 34. There is no question about that. In Isaiah 34:6 it speaks of Bozrah, which today is in the northern part of Saudi, northeast of Tabruk.  It even mentions Saudi oil in Isaiah 34:9, when it says “And the streams thereof shall be turned into pitch”. The word ‘pitch’ here in Hebrew is ‘zefet’, which means ‘tar’ or in today’s lingo “fossil hydrocarbon” or petroleum.  It goes on to say, continuing in Isaiah 34:10,and the dust thereof into brimstone, and the land thereof shall become burning pitch.10 It shall not be quenched night nor day; the smoke thereof shall go up for ever: from generation to generation; it shall lie waste; none shall pass through it for ever and ever.”  Has this been fulfilled in the past? No! Isaiah is speaking of a future destruction that will lay waste to all of Arabia, leave it burning as an eternal flame. He is speaking of the end time destruction of Arabia, Edom (Dedan of Ezekiel 25) and Dumah - the entire Arab world will be annihilated.

Are you wondering why you’ve never heard this before? Because today we have a totally incorrect and unbiblical version of end times, a Euro-centric view that says the anti-Christ will come from Europe and that European countries will come against Christ in end time battles. That view is not scriptural! We’re going through scripture right now and do you hear or see anything relating to anywhere that could even be related to Europe? No. Deception and distraction are characteristics of who? Satan. Its no ‘coincidenza’ that we are being distracted from the truth of scripture.

The Mark of the beast
The mark of the beast is taught in Islam as a good thing for Muslims. Let me repeat that again: The mark of the beast is taught in Islam as a good thing for Muslims. In the Quran, the mark of the beast is “Dabbat al-Arḍ” or “beast of the earth”, whose job it is to mark the foreheads of all Muslims so that they will be identified or set apart from non-Muslims. It’s true.  It is actually taught, straight out of the Quran, that all Muslims are to take the mark of the beast. In fact today if you go to a Muslim country, you will see Muslims with headbands and armbands that say “In the Name of Allah” or the Islamic creed of “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger”. These symbols below are in Arabic with a set of crossed swords, which is the symbol of Islam, and are extremely similar to the original Greek symbols for 666, the mark of the beast in Revelation:

It is interesting to note the Greek alphabetical, numerical and historical usage of the Chi Xi Stigma. 

·         Chi (X) is the 22nd letter in the Greek alphabet and is equal to the number 600. It has been around since Ancient Greece and was in use at the time John wrote Revelation. 

·         Xi (ξ ) is the 14th letter in the Greek alphabet and is equal to the number 60. It is seen here in its lower case form which is different that the upper case Ξ (Just like a capital E without the vertical line connecting the 3 horizontal lines). It has its roots in the Phoenician alphabet, the oldest alphabet to use consonants, going back past 1,200 BCE. It was birthed from the letter ‘semekh’ Phoenician samekh.svg, which basically was an ‘S’ sound. Interestingly enough, the Phoenician alphabet gave birth to the Aramaic alphabet and the Aramaic alphabet gave birth to modern Arabic script currently used by Muslims worldwide.

·         Stigma (ϛ ) is very different in that it is what is called a ligature, or a graphic combination of letters in the Greek alphabet, in a cursive form.  In this case, it is the ligature of the Greek letters sigma (Σ) and tau (Τ). It originally stood for the sound ‘w’ but later was used solely as the equivalent to the number 6. The punch line to the stigma is that ligatures were not in use at the time that John wrote Revelation and only came into use during the Middle Ages. Does anyone want to guess what religion also came into being during the Middle Ages? Islam! As a matter of fact, the letter took on a whole new name during the Byzantine era, episēmon, which literally meant “a distinguishing mark”. This is where we get the word ‘stigmata’ in English.

As Father Sarducci would say “Coincidenza?”

Here the Bismallah is on a headband:

Don’t see the similarity? Let’s change the Islamic slogan to one of it’s common variations:

How about now, another coincidence? Could be but what are the odds that the original Greek symbols for the mark of the beast in the Book of Revelation would so closely resemble the Arabic characters for ‘Allah’ and ‘Islam’. Muslims refer to the Bismallah as “the true essence of the entire Qur'an”.  The question begs to be asked, would the Lord ask us to use ‘wisdom and insight’ to identify the beast, then give us a number that could be so easily manipulated by means of occult numerology (gematria) to identify almost anyone as the anti-Christ? Every week somebody else is being labeled as the anti-Christ – from Obama to you-name-it. Our God is not a God of confusion. As we have said, confusion comes only from one source – Satan. As you have already seen Islam is full of contradiction and confusion, in theory and in practice.

There is also some confusion caused by a very early Greek Bible translation that has the number of the beast as XIC or ‘616’, so even amongst scholars, designating a number to the Greek symbols yields no clear cut answer. Some scholars say that the ‘666’ interpretation arose from a Hebrew transliteration of Nero, the incredibly brutal and insane Emperor of Rome from 54 to 68, who had Christians fed to dogs, nailed to crosses in his gardens, and burned alive on stakes to serve as living torches in the night. It was under Nero’s rule that both Paul and Peter were executed, surely adding to his anti-Christ persona. This interpretation comes from the Greek spelling of his name into Hebrew, according to Gematria, the Assyro-Babylonian system of numerology later adopted by Jews that assigns numerical value to a word or words.  It is notable that an equivalent transliteration from Latin into Hebrew results in 616, so even using Gematria there is confusion. The two possible transliterations of ‘beast’ into Hebrew could produce either 616 or 666. It is so interesting to note that three of the four characters we have seen forming the Bismillah are also ‘representations’ of the three characters representing 616 in the Greek scripture fragment:

So, in actuality, the Bismillah relates to either interpretation of the number of the beast:  616 or 666. It is also interesting that the Gematrical value of the Quran is 666, and according to the Quran, it is that number which frees mankind. Coincidenza?

Is it possible that this symbol was given to John as a prophetic vision of the future Bismallah and hence misinterpreted as the Greek ‘666’? Many believe so. This is logical because neither Islam nor the Bismallah existed until 600 years after John wrote Revelation. Some would say that it is possible that John interpreted what he saw in the vision based on what he knew at the time – which was the Greek symbols for 666. At any rate, there is no disputing the similarities between the two symbols.

Revelation 13:16 tells us that the beast will demand that all receive a mark on their right arm or forehead. The Greek word for mark is ‘charagma’ (pronounced karagma) (Strong 5480), which means “something that is worn”, like a badge or banner. The phrase “right hand” derives from the Greek “dexios” (Strong 1188), which is where we get the word dexterity from, and can be translated as “the right side” or “the right arm”.  If we put these two Greek translations together, we can say that the beast’s disciples will wear his ‘mark’ on their forehead or on their right arm. Now, take a look at these:

These are worn by Muslims all over the world.

When we look at these pictures, is it any wonder why Muslims are filled with such rage against Israel and the Christian west? Spiritually, this kind of rage can only be fueled by Satan, who wants nothing more than to thwart God’s plan for Israel and the church.

What is the Mark of the Beast?

Actually it’s not that confusing as spelled out in scripture. Revelation 13:17 says “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” What is this ‘or, or, or’ if everybody is to get a standard mark with the number 666? This scripture says that we could either have the mark, the name or the number of his name. Scratching your head yet? 

We’ve covered the possible mark of the beast, but what is the name of the beast? If we look at scripture hermeneutically we can see how a name is used allegorically, or “having hidden spiritual meaning that transcends the literal sense of a sacred text” according to Merriam-Webster. Once we have an understanding of the allegorical use of names in scripture then we can more fully understand the intention of scripture when it comes to names.

For example, Isaiah 9:6 talks about the birth of Jesus and says “he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” But are these the name of Jesus or Yeshua? No, they are representations of who He would be - titles if you will. The same is true in Isaiah 7:14, “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. (God with us)” Is Immanuel the name of Jesus? No. These are allegorical references to Jesus – names that transcend the literal sense of His name. But it goes further than that. When we say ‘His name shall be called Immanuel’ or ‘God with us’, we are making a statement of faith, a creed. We are stating that Jesus is God with us in the flesh.
The exact same principle applies in Revelation when it talks about the name of the beast. It is stating that the creed of the anti-Christ will be written on the foreheads of his followers. This brings a whole new meaning to the mark or the name of the beast. The mark will be a declaration of faith, much more than a computer chip. After all it is a statement of faith that stipulates whether one goes to heaven or hell, no? We must repent of sin and confess Jesus as Lord. Likewise the followers of the anti-Christ will be making their own confession by way of the mark. This confession will be exactly the opposite to that of a Christian – “The only God is Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”

What Do Muslims Believe?

As stated prior, the Islamic salvation creed states “I declare there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.” The confession of Islam completely rejects the Trinity or any belief that God can be made man. In fact their number one biggest sin is to confess Jesus as Lord.  1 John 2:22 states quite clearly, “Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son.” This one statement wipes out a ton of end time theories about where the anti-Christ will come from. It certainly does away with the notion of any religion who declares Jesus as Lord spawning the anti-Christ. That includes Catholics for those that are on that bandwagon – as I used to be. The spirit of anti-Christ must deny the Father and the Son – he must be anti-Trinity! While there are several religions out there that call themselves “Christian” while denying the Trinity, they do not deny the Father and the Son. Islam denies all three.
Islam is ‘din al-tawhid’ (Deen al Tawheed) in Arabic - a Unitarian religion, meaning God is one being. Islam rejects the Father, the Son and the Trinity. If you ask any Muslim why they reject Christianity they will tell you that they reject that God is our Father and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and will tell you that God had no son. This is stated in the Quran in several places: ‘God neither begets nor is begotten’. This is written on the Dome of the Rock (Temple Mount) in Jerusalem and is recited in their daily prayers. 

“What is blasphemous in Christianity, is the most holy thing in Islam. What is the most holy thing in Islam (Unitarianism), is the most blasphemous thing in Christianity. The Mahdi in Islam is one of the most holy things in Islam. The Mahdi will come with the essence of Muhammad, with the spirit of Muhammad in him.  The Islamic Mahdi is the most blasphemous man (the anti-Christ) in the Bible. The most holy man in the Bible, Jesus, the Son of God, dying for our sins, is the most blasphemous man in Islam.”  ~ Walid Shoebat, Evangelist & Former Muslim

Further, in Christianity we offer ourselves as a living sacrifice to God. We don’t have to die for God because He already died for us.  In Islam it is the total opposite. This is why one of the highest honors for a Muslim is to blow themselves up in order to kill infidels, non-Muslims. 

In addition, Islam has made legal many things the Bible strictly forbids. Rape is against God but in Islam it is called “concubinage”, which historically comes from widows and children of non-Muslim men, who were killed in battles waged by Muslims during Muhammad’s time, were taken in as sexual slaves. This is the essence of Islam, cloaking horrible acts in a verbiage that is more palatable to the conscience in order to make what is evil, holy.  That’s nothing more than twisted rationalization. Slaughtering innocent people is called “Jihad”; occupying countries for any reason is called “liberation” or ‘futuhat’ in Islam. After all, they are bringing the ‘will of Allah’ to the occupied nation. Whatever is holy in Islam, you can find in scripture as being evil and of Satan. This is because Islam is not from God!

Revelation 13:18 says “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

The Greek word for count is “psephiso” (Strong 5585), which can be translated as ‘reckon’. The Greek for number is “arithmos”(Strong 706), where we get the word arithmetic from, and it can mean ‘multitudes’, as in nations or people. If we put these two translations to work in their original context or hermeneutical form, Revelation 13:18 can be interpreted as follows: 

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding reckon the multitude of the beast: for it is the multitude of a man; and his multitude is in the name of Allah” or ‘The multitude of the beast (Islam) is the multitude of a man (Muhammad) and this multitude comes in the name of Allah.’ 

Be Prepared: The Islamic Anti-Christ Is Coming

When I was a boy I was in the Boy Scouts and our motto, which stands to this day, is “Be Prepared”. When it comes to end times and anti-Christ, we must rely on scriptural prophecies and the current prophetic word in order to be prepared for what is coming. The issue today is two-fold; everybody and their brother are calling themselves a prophet. There are hundreds of “schools of the prophet “out there that are pumping out ‘prophets’ faster that Carter can make liver pills.  Let me just say one thing here: everybody is meant to prophecy but not everybody who prophecies is a prophet! This factory-like prophet production is combined with a plethora of “half-baked end-time doctrines and forecasts” to cause even the most seasoned, Spirit-filled Christian to be uncomfortable with almost any prophecy regarding end times today. This confusion is furthered by prophecies that cannot be proved out in scripture, like the Euro-centric end time view. Having prophecy proved through scripture is the number one rule of thumb when it comes to any prophetic word in the matter of end times.  My advice is when you hear an end-time prophecy, go to scripture and if it can’t be proved out in God’s word then pay it no mind at all.

An example of end-time prophetic hysteria comes from real life – and actually kicked off the view of a Euro-centric anti-Christ. In 1981 Greece joined the European Union as the 10th member. Almost immediately end timers began to tell us “Ah ha! Greece makes 10 members of the EU, there are the 10 members of the beasts system - the ten toes and horns of Daniel 2 and Revelation 17”.  Then, in 1986, January 1st of 1986, Spain and Portugal joined the EU. That made twelve members. Hmmm, scripture doesn’t say twelve, it says ten only. Instead of correcting themselves, they started making things up. The theory then came forth that somehow the membership would dwindle down to ten. But instead of that happening, more and more nations joined the EU. Today there are 28! The punch line is that 72% are Christian and only 2% are practicing Islam and half of those are in France alone. There are five countries that have a majority population that do not believe in God but the predominant demographic is Christian. That demographic does not fit any of the end time prophetic patterns in scripture. Remember, every single nation that comes against Christ in the end is a Muslim nation today. In addition, there are no countries in the European Union from the eastern sector of the ancient Roman Empire as prophesied. This again would include the nations of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

 In fact, Ezekiel 28-32 it literally gives us the names of the nations consumed by fire in Revelation 20

·         Ezekiel 28:2 gives us the anti-Christ, the Prince of Tyre, which is today Lebanon.

Question:  Why is the anti-Christ ruling Lebanon is he is European? 

·         Ezekiel 28:20 gives us Sidon, today’s Gaza.

Question: Why is God executing final judgment against Gaza if the anti-Christ’s forces are European?

·         Ezekiel 29 speaks of God coming against Egypt and all her helpers, from Migdol, the northernmost Egyptian boundary, today about two miles from Suez, to Syene, the southernmost border of Egypt, today’s Aswan. This passage defines the entirety of Egypt to be under judgment by God and refers to the anti-Christ as the ‘Pharaoh of Egypt’ in verse three.

·         Ezekiel 30 gives several more nations in judgment in end times: Ethiopia, Libya (Put), Turkey (Lud) and Saudi Arabia (Arabia).

The list goes on and on.

·         Why, in Isaiah 10:5, is the anti-Christ referred to as ‘the Assyrian’? Assyria is not in Europe. Assyria is today includes part of Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

·         Even in the Psalms in 81-83 speak of those that hate God actually think that they worship God (Allah). Psalm 83:2-5 gives a very accurate five-point description of the characteristics of all Islamic nations:

(1) They hate God;
(2) They exalt themselves;
(3) They make shrewd plans (Terrorism) against the people of God and conspire against God’s treasured ones (Israel);
(4) They vow to wipe out Israel as a nation;
     **Mohammed said that the Day of Judgment would not come until the tribes of
         Islam come against Israel.
(5) They are as one mind and have made a covenant against God.

·         Psalm 83:6-8 goes on to name the names of those nations that hate God:  Yeman (Edom); Saudi Arabia, Kuwait (Ishmaelites); Egypt (Hagrites) Jordan (Moab; Ammon); Iran (Amalek);  Gaza (Philistia); Lebanon & Syria (Tyre; Gebal) and Iraq (Assyria). 

Note:  There are ten nations mentioned here and none of these countries are in Europe - and every single one of them is a Muslim country today. 

These are the ten toes and horns of Daniel 2 and Revelation 17 and while the European Union grows without any sign or prophecy of somehow diminishing in size, these numbers will always be the same. They will remain as ten. The real kicker is that these nations are proven out in scripture – something that the EU theorists absolutely cannot say.

Psalm 83 continues with what will become of these nations that hate God and come against Israel:
O my God, make them like the whirling dust, Like chaff before the wind. 14 Like fire that burns the forest And like a flame that sets the mountains on fire, 15 So pursue them with Your tempest And terrify them with Your storm. 16 Fill their faces with shame, That they may seek Your name, O Lord. 17 Let them be ashamed and dismayed forever, And let them be humiliated and perish, 18 That they may know that You alone, whose name is the Lord, Are the Most High over all the earth.”

Hallelujah! Here we have it all. Not only do we have a detailed description of the overall goal of all Islamic countries, the annihilation of Israel and Christians, we have their names detailed for us and we also know exactly what will happen to them in the end – they will be annihilated! Thus saith the Lord God almighty in black and white. 

Of course in the Quran the Muslims win. This is their corruption of the Bible. Why not, they corrupt everything else, why not the word of God? The very essence of Islam is against God – Arianism - denying the God is our Father and that Jesus Christ is His only begotten Son. 

Islam and the Sleeping Giant

Through scripture we have established the following:

·         We have also established that every single nation that will come against Israel in the end-times battles is Muslim.
·         We have established basic Islamic beliefs, including basic eschatology, anti-God and anti-Christ creeds and how they distort the truth of scripture to fit their rationalizations to make evil things holy.
·         We have established that the mark of the beast could be a banner or band worn on a person and we have established a strong visual relationship between the Islamic Bismillah and the scriptural number and mark of the beast.
·         We have established that the name of the beast will be his creed or anti-God, anti-Christ belief system and that this system matches the stated belief system of Islam perfectly.
·         We have established, through scripture, the exact names of those nations that will come against Christ in the end – and that every single one is a Muslim nation today.
      We have established, through scripture, what will happen to those nations that come against Israel – total destruction.


From these few prophecies, one could reasonably conclude that Islam, and the Quran, is the system of the antichrist spoken of throughout Biblical prophecy. It is amazing to me that, even after 9/11 and the Iraq War, America has, once again, become the sleeping giant.

I believe that today there is a spirit of apathy, or slumber, that is growing in the U.S.  Today’s philosophy is about ‘getting along’ – don’t rock the boat and just go along; everything is acceptable. The problem with this is that ‘getting along’ requires us to yield to ways that go against what the word of God tells us.  The philosophy of ‘getting along’ calls for making everyone happy - relax, it’s cool. It means that being gay is more than cool, its normal! Same sex marriage and even marrying your pet is really ok; being an atheist is very cool; Legalized narcotics are awesome man!  And banning Christian prayer in public? Right on! 

Shhhhh, if you listen close you can hear America snoring. 

We as Christians have a responsibility. 2 Corinthians 5:10 tells us that we are accountable to God for the actions we take here on earth, that our rewards in heaven depend on it. We must make a stand, no matter how painful that may be, even to the death. In 2 Corinthians 6:14-15 it says "Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness? 15 Or what harmony has Christ with Belial (demon of impurity or in the Hebrew tradition, lacking the covering of God), or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever?"  The fact of the matter is that Christians and Muslims cannot ‘get along’. Like oil and water we don’t mix. This is the only logical conclusion. We don’t worship the same God, we don’t believe in the same creed and we, as Christians, don’t make up rules as we see fit to rationalize doing evil. Do Christians ‘get along’ with Satanists? Do we ‘get along’ with those that perpetrate sex slavery? If I throw you into a closet with a rattlesnake are you going to ‘get along’? I can guarantee you there’s only one of you coming out of that closet! In order to save your life, or the lives of your children, would you denounce Christ and say the words: “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger”?

And if we all worship the same God then all Gods are equal: Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Jehovah - they’re all the same. In that case a Christian should be able go to the heart of Mecca carrying a sign that says “Praise Yeshua!” and not be murdered in the street – but is that the way it is in reality? No. In reality our God and theirs are two way different beings. One is loving and kind and forgiving whose universal symbol is the cross that bore His son who died for our sins.  The other is Allah whose message to the world is anger, hatred and extreme violence, whose symbol is crossed swords. 

Many American leaders today would have you think that Allah and our God are one and the same. That Muslims worship the same God that Christians worship. Ask a Muslim what “Allah” means and he will tell you that it means ‘God’. By that definition, you should be able to make the statement “There is no God but God” and go have lunch together…but you can’t! The Muslim will insist that you must say “There is no God but Allah”. You must indentify God with Allah. 

QUESTION:  If Allah and our God are one and the same, why do Muslims insist on differentiating him from our God?  Because they know that they are not the same. If Muslims know that we don’t worship the same God, then someone saying that they are one and the same is nothing more than politically correct mumbo jumbo.

Further, do you know that Islam says that you cannot worship Allah unless you worship him in the Arabic language? It’s true. Iranian Muslims don’t speak Arabic in everyday conversation, they speak Farsi, or Persian as it is sometimes called in the west. Indonesian Muslims don’t speak Arabic in everyday conversation, they speak Indonesian, or Bahasa Indonesia. Turkish Muslims don’t speak Arabic in everyday conversation, they speak Turkish, or Anatolian Turkish to be proper. Every single Muslim, whether Arabic is their native language or not, must worship Allah in Arabic! Further, they must read the Quran in Arabic. Allah is the only ‘God’ that isn’t at least bilingual! J It seems he only understands Arabic – a very limited ‘God’ is Allah. Yahweh understands every language, He is what you call a ‘hyper polyglot’, fluent in every language. We have a great God :)

The ‘One’ Thing

The Islamic concentration on one language, one religion and one government goes back to the time of Babel. In Babel the people only had one language, so they got together to make a name for themselves building a tower to reach up to the heavens. This angered God so He confused their language, creating many different tongues so the people couldn’t understand each other. Then He scattered them all over the earth. This is why we have different languages and cultures to this day. But there is still only one true God, amen?

Islam attempts to reverse what God did at Babel by making it mandatory to only worship Allah in one language. They also only recognize one government, Islam, or Shariah. This is the ‘new world order’.  It was the spirit of evil that caused the people at Babel to do what they did. By building the tower they were saying to God, look at what we have done! We don’t need you! We can do all things! But they got God-smacked. Today, the same as they did at Babel, when they used petroleum to make the tar that held the bricks of the tower together, they are using oil to make a name for themselves and to advance the name of Allah. 

The Violence and Hatred of Islam

In Daniel 11:36-45 it speaks of the anti-Christ advancing his glory through war. Verses 38 and 39 say that the anti-Christ honors a god of fortresses” and that “He will take action against the strongest of fortresses”.  The anti-Christ honors the god of war. In verse 37 it says “He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the desire of women, nor will he show regard for any other god; for he will magnify himself above them all. What religion today severely limits the rights of women? Islam.  What religion states that there is no God but Allah? Islam.

QUESTION: Why do you think the anti-Christ hates women? Look at Genesis 3:15. This is after Satan tempted Eve and she ate and gave fruit to Adam and God finds out about it and this is what God says to Satan: “I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed…” What does it mean when God says “your seed” there? He is referring to the Spiritual descendants of Satan. And when He says “her seed”? The family of God - Eve’s descendant, Mary, would give birth to Jesus. We can very easily substitute ‘Islam’ for the spiritual descendants of Satan there and we do the same substituting Christians for the family of God.  This is why Satan hates woman and why Islam punishes women severely and at best they are second class citizens. It is written in the Quran that a man can beat his wife as long as he doesn’t leave bruises or marks on her – again outward appearance versus inward holiness, the constant contradiction and lie of Islam.  

You all have hopefully heard the recent story of Miriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman who was imprisoned and sentenced to death for not recounting her faith. She was also sentenced to 100 lashes for adultery because Sudan, a Muslim nation, didn’t recognize her marriage to a Christian man, an American citizen. This is but one example of thousands of the injustice suffered by women under Islamic rule. 

One of the most common first areas that get cleaned up when a Muslim converts to Jesus is in the area of abuse. When they learn about the fruits of the Spirit: patience, love, joy, kindness and so on, they stop behaving like Muslims and start behaving more like Jesus. Muslims will argue and quote parts of the Quran that speak of peace, leaving out the majority that speak of killing Christians and Jews – and all non-Muslims for that matter. But even this is prophesied in the Bible. Daniel 8:25 says “And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he (Satan) shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many” This is how the anti-Christ operates, by deception. He doesn’t come in screaming “Here I am, I’m the anti-Christ!” No, he comes like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as it is written in Matthew 7:15

Today’s Islamaphobism

Today, from Muslim nations to the White House, Islam is being propagated as a peaceful religion when nothing could be further from the truth. We are being deceived by way of distraction, a demonic slight-of-hand decoy saying that the anti-Christ is coming from Europe, with most centering on Italy, the Catholic Church and the Pope. I was of this very opinion until my eyes were opened to the threat of Islam and how it fits perfectly into biblical prophecy – while the Euro-Catholic view does not. Of course with the war in the Middle East, the influx of Muslims into the U.S. and the fact that we have a Muslim President, if you raise your voice too loud, they will call you a prejudiced bigot – Islamaphobic.  I could care less. I’m also a neo-Naziphobe, a KKKphobe and a Satanistphobe. As a matter of fact I’m phobic about anything that goes directly against the word of God – I’m anti-Christaphobic! But hey I’m in good company – so is God. Noah listened to God and was right – and everybody was wrong and drowned. We need to start listening to what the word of God is telling us straight up – because the truth is right and everything else is wrong. I believe Ezekiel, Daniel, David, John, Isaiah, Matthew, Habakkuk and Joel were right. All of these that I have quoted here in this article – and this is but a sampling – that warned us of the threat of Islam. I believe that they were right - and that everybody else is wrong. 

Brigitte Gabriel, the Lebanese Christian activist against Islam, stated recently that the threat of Islam, and the ISIS jihadist organization in Iraq have as their goal the formation of an Islamic government in Iraq and the world under Shariah law. Born in Lebanon and a recognized expert in everything Islam, Gabriel is one of the most outspoken activists against Islam and is not afraid to scream what many in Americans are thinking but are afraid to say for fear of being labeled a racist, bigot, Islamophobic, or intolerant. She states point blank that Islam strives to put the Christian world under the subservience of Islam and institute Islamic Shariah law throughout the world. Gabriel explains that Islamic doctrine is not derived from the thoughts or ideological vision of a man or woman brought to the fore in recent years. Islamic doctrine is based on the Islamic trilogy, the Quran, the Hadith and the Sira. The Quran, of course, is the central religious text of Islam, believed by Muslims to be a direct revelation from Allah. The Hadith is a series of traditions documenting the teachings, deeds and sayings of the prophet Muhammad. The Sira is the biography of Muhammad, considered to have been the perfect man who set an example for all Muslims to follow always. In order for an individual to be a good Muslim, it is not enough for him to worship Allah, he must worship Allah in the same way that Muhammad did. The Quran is a Muslims only constitution, whether they live in the U.S. or abroad. It contains the only set of laws to live by and the only ones they recognize as being ‘valid’. Gabriel goes further in saying that "Islam kills self-expression, self-improvement, and empowerment because the religion demands that Islam be the absolute center of one's existence."
Today Islam is getting much assistance from ignorant American politicians, news anchors and political analysts who are saying that it isn’t a threat at all. If these ‘EverythingIsAcceptable-ists’ had an iota of understanding of what Islam is all about they wouldn’t be shooting their mouth off! Anderson Cooper, Bill O’Reilly, Keith Ellison, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and anybody else who speaks out saying ‘Muslims are just like anybody else’ should all take note. As far as Barack Obama is concerned either he is completely ignorant and never was a practicing Muslim or he is the biggest fraud and liar in America, it’s one or the other. His brother however, Malik Obama, a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, has been seen with Islamic terrorists, namely Bülent Yildirim, who was the commander of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in 2010. Both men were seen wearing scarf’s with Arabic writing that expressed solidarity with Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. Hamas, of course, is the militant fundamentalist Islamic terrorist organization centered in Gaza whose primary goal is the destruction of Israel. That much is indisputable fact – there are photos to prove it.

What's a Christian To Do?

People say that Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics. They say the two don’t mix. My answer would be a big fat ‘nonsense’! Islam is not only a religious organization it is also a political organization that will not stop until the entire planet is under Shariah law! The question becomes how we, as Christians, can be silent and not be involved in fighting something that is defined as the anti-Christ, whether religious, political or otherwise? No! Every Christian must be involved – and especially in politics! We need to be speaking out about Islam and its true nature! We need to be noisy and not silent on any issue that slaps God in the face – abortion, homosexuality and gay marriage, legalized narcotics, etc - but especially on the subject of tolerance of the anti-Christian Islam! A recent Gallop poll stated that in the U.S. 78% of the population is Christian …78%! We all know that number is ridiculous because if it were real we’d be running every aspect of everything in the country and there’d be a continuous glory cloud hanging overhead.  However, even when you take away the ones that stated that their religion wasn’t an important part of their everyday life and that don’t regularly attend a Church, we’re still left with a whopping 28%. The problem is that the majority of even the church-going Christians in the U.S. don’t vote or protest based on Christian principles. Even though they confess Christ, most Christians still let things like popularity, race and party heavily influence which candidate they vote for. That is a shame. It’s a shame because, according to Matthew 17:20, we have the power to move mountains when we put our faith (and our vote) where it belongs – with God.

The Truth

In Matthew 10:16 Jesus warns usI am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” It means that we have to know how Satan works, his system and ways but also maintain gentleness and not become devious like the beast we are fighting.  Matthew 7:14 tells us that “Truth is a narrow gate”.  The Bible is very clear about the threat of Islam and where the anti-Christ would come from. It’s not that God didn’t warn us – it’s that we’re not listening. The truth, as always, is in the Word of God.

May the blood of Jesus cover, bless & protect you!


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