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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Social Media: Good and Bad

As a former technology salesperson, I've been saying for years that "Technology used improperly is destroying everything human about the human race." I used to say that half musing, but not any more. 

Technology can be an incredible tool, when used appropriately. But when it's abused the results are devastating. Ever go out and just people watch these days? Couples sitting together at tables, but not together at all. Parents out with children, but not with them at all. Technology, specifically the cellphone, is turning us into unfeeling, uncommunicative automatons; detached and withdrawn into our own micro virtual worlds. I've been just as guilty of this as anyone else in the past but, like other bad habits had to repent and ask God's forgiveness. Think about this, we have become a global society that values virtual people more than real people. Is that of God? And if it's not from God then, according to Matthew 12:30, it is, by default, from Satan.

I pray that you be not deceived any longer. I pray that the chains of technology be broken in your life. Again, I refer to inappropriate use of technology. Technology has already destroyed the art of the English language, which has been reduced to a series of LOL's and IDK's. Please don't let it destroy your link to God and His other children. Turn it off (when appropriate) before its too late. Turn it off before you get so sucked into the biggest lie there is. Social media is anything but social - which by the way literally means "activities in which people spend time talking TO EACH OTHER or doing enjoyable things WITH EACH OTHER" When you do something 'with each other' it actually means being there, present, in person, WITH the other person or people - not with your head buried in some electronic 'device' spending virtual time together - really? Are you kidding me?

When you're out with your loved one, be WITH your loved one. When you're at the park with your child, actually be WITH your child. The time away from your '(de)vice' will be a blessed time indeed.

Don't let a smart phone turn you any further into a dumb person.

God bless.

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