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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

God Never Has To Say "Oops" (Jim Croft)

A great short teaching on the difference between signs and judgments.

Jesus prophesied that natural disasters, wars, famines and plagues would be signs of the approaching end of the age. Too many Conservative Christians are mislabeling the signs as judgments. The claim is that national repentance will diminish the signs from happening in our land. It won’t for 2 reasons.

First, no amount of prayer and repentance will keep the events from happening in diverse places that Jesus said must happen. And, two, the signs and God’s judgments are not synonymous. The signs can happen anywhere at any time at random. Judgments are like precision drone strikes and God never has to say "oops"

The fiery judgment on Sodom did not spill over into Abraham’s encampment. 

Lot’s wife turned to salt. His daughters just got a little sweaty from their flight. 

The earth swallowed the sons of Korah and the sons of Reuben who sided with them. The 250 men who were offering incense for them were struck by lightning. All the other people were frightened out of their wits, but were unharmed. 

Jericho’s walls fell, not those of neighboring cities. Rahab’s section of the Jericho wall stood secure, all the other brothels of the city were crushed. 

In the NT, Ananias and Sapphira dropped dead at Peter’s feet. Mo and Zelda down the block enjoyed joyous fellowship at their house church meeting that night. Herod was consumed by worms and died on the spot for his blasphemy. None of the audience burst open from creepy crawler infestation. 

When Paul struck Elymas the sorcerer with temporary blindness, the other members of the politician’s staff did not start groping about bumping into stuff. 

Like I said, God doesn’t ever need to say oops. Sincere, God fearing people would have a lot more credibility with the unconverted if they would quit calling the signs that Jesus said must happen God’s judgments. Until the judgments of the Book of Revelations hit, it is possible to circumvent many judgments by Christian disciplines. On the other hand, the signs will keep on happening no matter what anyone does. 

~Be blessed and be a blessing

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