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Friday, February 21, 2014

A Realistic Assessment of Islam (Mike Konrad)

Is Islam holding the Arabs back? 

“In my 60 years of the study of Islam, this article is the best summation of the religious-political system's devastating effects on cultures.” ~ Jim Corft

Retrograde Islam

Contrary to what has been told us, Islam may be the most sterile philosophy to have captured the mind of man. No other philosophy so thoroughly destroys whatever people it has gotten a grip on. Once Islam is firmly in control, the society not only halts in its progress, but actively devolves.

The greatest lies come from the patent fabrications about Islamic Spain. Ah! The glories of Moorish Iberia, what the Arabs called, and still call, Andalus.
So let's dispel the myths about Andalus(ia) and Moorish rule in Europe.

The first myth we hear is that the Arabs gave us the Arabic numeral system. Actually, the concept of zero, and the numeral system, were invented by Hindus. The numeral system was merely brought to Europe by the Arabs. Had the Muslims not cut off trade routes to India, Europe would almost certainly have encountered the system independently of Islam, and probably sooner. Ah, but didn't the Arabs give us algebra?

Well, they might have given us the name (Al-Jabr) but a lot of their logic comes from Greek texts. The first major codification of algebra seems to have been made by a Persian, Mohammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, famous for the first treatise on systematic solutions of linear and quadratic equations.

However, it is now known that his work is based on older Indian or Greek sources.' In fact, it is not clear if he was even a Muslim. He may have been a Zoroastrian.
Another epithet given to him by al-Tabari, "al-Majusi," would seem to indicate that he was an adherent of the old Zoroastrian religion. This would still have been possible at that time for a man of Iranian origin.

The inventor of algebra may not have been a Muslim after all. Even if he was, he was reared in a society so recently invaded by Islam that it still retained a spark of its pre-Islamic genius. That light would perish soon enough.

What of the medical genius brought to Spain? Greek texts and Jewish doctors. Need I say more? The most famous medical mind during that time was arguably Moses Ben Maimonides, a Jew who had to flee Spain because of Muslim excesses under Almohad rule: 12th century puritan Islamists.

Muslim architecture? Actually it came from the Christian Byzantine Greeks. Similar architecture can be found in Eastern Europe wherever Eastern Orthodox
Christianity predominates. Of course, we have been trained to credit Islam with this elegant style, when it was actually the reverse. All the Muslims did was to steal it from Eastern Christians and then re-label it as made by Islam. The list could go on. The glorious aqueducts used by the Muslims in Spain were built by the Romans. They may have fallen into decrepitude with the collapse of Rome, but the idea behind them was not the product of Islam. All Islam did was clean out the gutters of accumulated trash; and extend the culverts as needed.

This is a constant pattern of Islam. It invades a society where, for a century or two, there is enough remaining pre-Islamic genius to echo on for a while. Over time, coerced conversions increase with the accruing stupefaction of national intellect. As the light dims and goes out, the Muslims, now thoroughly in charge, take the credit for the former flame lit by others.

Whatever genius does come out of Islam is the echo of a pre-Islamic past. The Golden Age of an Islamic Conquest is actually the Last Hurrah of the former civilization. After conquest, the creative period remaining is brief, and after two or three centuries of Muslim rule, senility and reversion set in. Our Western academics, who should know better, accept this Islamic subterfuge of history, and pass it on to posterity.

The reverence that Islam still holds for the glories of Spain indicates Christian Spain held a genius that Islam could not generate within itself. London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Berlin: all were the centers of empire; and all produced and still produce genius. What has Mecca produced in the past 1400 years?

All empires draw talent inward, except Islam, where genius exists only at the periphery where Islam is weakest. The center of Islam, the Arabian peninsula, has been moribund since the 8th century. Islam must expand. It is a parasite. Without new conquests, it dies. This is why it cannot surrender any territory. This is why Israel infuriates them so much.

The early Muslims were raiders and bandits. Most of them were illiterate tribesman. Islam gave a veneer of sacred approval to their thievery. If they had any knowledge or skills, it was learned from the Romans, Byzantines, or Zoroastrian Persians.

How much of what can be traced back to the Arab nations is really Islamic? Large sections of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Palestine (as it would have been called then) had considerable Christian populations well into the middle 20th century. These Christians were often more educated than the followers of Mohammed, the illiterate -- as the Muslims claim. Whether or not Mohammed was illiterate is debatable, but his followers believe that he was. More importantly, they admire this illiteracy of Mohammed -- and that speaks volumes.

The Muslims could not even invent their own god. Mohammed just borrowed his family's favorite god from the pantheon of Mecca's local deities. Mohammed's father was named Abdullah (slave of Allah), indicating a pre-Islamic existence to Allah. In pre-Islamic Arabia, Allah was used by Meccans as a reference to the creator-god, possibly the supreme deity. Allah was not considered the sole divinity; however, Allah was considered the creator of the world and the giver of rain. The notion of the term may have been vague in the Meccan religion.  In a Western context, this would be equivalent to declaring there is no God but Zeus. Hardly an innovation. Mohammed mixed this plagiarism with corruptions of Christian texts and Jewish legends. Islam is the very essence of plagiarism, and poor plagiarism at that.

Even in the Muslim world, it is recognized that the Christians are arguably the most dynamic part of their societies, as Al-Jadid, a Los Angeles-based Arab journal hints at:
The continuing exodus of Christians from the Middle East is... in fact potentially quite dangerous, and this is true not just for Christians but for Arabs in general. The Middle East may not be able to sustain the amputation of one of its most integral and dynamic components.

Whatever the faults of Communism, at least Marxists respected science, and could produce it. Maybe not at the same rates of the Capitalist West, but at some rate. Whatever the faults of Catholicism, it respected intellect, and could produce world -class universities The Jesuits educated whole nations, maybe with a bias; but one could think logically after a Jesuit education. Whatever the faults of Protestant fundamentalism, it allowed for enough dissent that a divergence of thought and creativity could prosper. Buddhism and Hinduism have their flaws; but they could produce math, art, and music. Even enslaved pagan Africans could create music and art. Jazz and Samba came out of the slave experience.

But Islamic puritans now want to ban music. Islam bans representational art as idolatry. It covers up women in burqas. Whatever is beautiful, it condemns as blasphemous and idolatrous. It denies that which makes life worth living, while exalting suicidal violence. It is anti-human. No other religion has gone so far down this road.

Islam produces almost nothing, but claims to have produced everything. At best, it borrows and transmits the genius of others. Usually, it plagiarizes and corrupts what it steals. Eventually, it destroys whatever it touches.

Most embarrassing is the success of those Arabs who have left the Islamic world. Ecuador has had three Arab presidents. Colombia has had one Arab president. El Salvador, one. Honduras, one. Argentina, one. The Dominican Republic, two. I won't even list the vice-presidents. Even non-Latin Jamaica had a Lebanese President, Edward Seaga.

The Arabs are wealthy, elite, and vastly overrepresented in all halls of power and the arts in Latin America. In Chile, Palestinian Christians are 10% of the Senate, though only 3% of the population. In Colombia, Lebanese are 10% of the Senate, though less than 2% of the population.

What is ignored is that almost all these Western Arabs are Christian; or, at least, raised in a Christian culture. This undoubtedly explains their success, but no one dares admit it.

This is the issue the Muslim world has to address. Our Western governments have to stop coddling the Muslims and telling them how respectable Islam is. Tell the truth. Without oil, Islam would be still be in the seventh century. If the Islamists have their way, they will revert there soon enough.

In particular, the West should present the massive success of Arabs in Latin America as an example of what Arabs are capable of producing, once divorced from Islam. The problem is not the Arab -- who is capable of great genius, and has produced it -- the problem is Islam. 

So, is Islam holding the Arabs back?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

End Times and Judgment

End Times

One of the most popular expressions heard amongst believers today is "The world is so terrible; Jesus must be coming any day now". The fact is that this expression has been popular since Christ ascended into heaven to be seated at the right hand of the Father. Folks must either have wishful thinking that Jesus would come back in their lifetime or some other reason for yelling from the rooftops, but that reason surely isn’t based in scripture.  There are two verses in scripture that do away with the notion that Jesus will return amidst utmost turmoil: 1 Thessalonians 5:2-3 tells us " For you yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night.While they are saying, “Peace and safety!” then destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape."

Does this sound like what's going on in the world today? Is there anyone saying "Peace and safety" when describing the current global environment? Better yet, in the present state of things, does it even seem likely that anyone could describe the world in those terms in the near future, even the next 10-20 years? Besides all this, it is an historical fact that even worse acts of sin and debauchery were going on at the time of Christ’s ministry – not much has changed as far as the behavior and disobedience of man is concerned - and if anything it has gotten better. Murder, rape, abortion, homosexuality and sexual perversion of every kind -  anything you can think of going on today was going on in Christ's time, and its very well documented.

People that blindly repeat what they hear, without scriptural verification, need to start comparing the word of God against what others say before repeating what they have heard, no matter how big a name the speaker may have. I don’t know about you, but I have heard some teachings from very well-known and respected Pastors that, when compared to the word of God, were just plain wrong – and blatantly wrong.  But then this speaks volumes to a bigger problem today, the fact that the overwhelming majority of Christians in the United States never crack a Bible outside of Sunday morning – IF they read it then! And if they do it is only to follow along numbly while the Pastor reads one or two verses. If they never read the Bible in between Sundays it would take over 300 years to read the entire book! We simply (and ignorantly) repeat what we hear from the pulpits as if it were Gospel instead of the word of God, with the attitude of “Well Pastor Bob said it so it must be true”. After all, Pastor Bob is never wrong, right? We need to constantly be comparing what we hear from any man to what the word of God has to say on the subject, any subject. This requires not only reading the word of God every single day, but studying the word! And there is a huge difference. No one should have to tell any true believer that they need to stay in the word. In the true believer there is a hunger for the word of God! If we miss one day it should feel like a hole in our stomach, like we haven’t eaten or drank anything - because we haven't! Stay in the word!

In the case of Christ’s return, the word specifically says that Christ will return during times of seeming  “peace and safety” – and in order for there to be peace and safety (however false), the anti-Christ must come into place, set up the ‘new world order’ deceiving tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of believers, who will bare his mark, and bring about that false feeling of peace and safety. Then and only then will Christ come back.


First off, it needs to be said, as Jim Croft put it in his most recent article HERE, that there is a big difference between signs and judgment. While signs can happen completely at random, judgment is a very specific act by God. Scripturally speaking, judgment happens as the result of humankind’s disobedience to God. For the purposes of this discussion, I’ll use the flood of Noah’s time. Genesis 6:5-13 tells us of the atmosphere on earth before God sent the flood that destroyed it. These passages specifically mention three attributes, attitudes and behaviors that man had created on earth that lead up to its destruction, namely widespread wickedness, corruption and violence. If you watch or read the news today, these three general topics is 90% of what the news covers, especially local news – and this is repeated on every local news channel. The headlines are all about who’s cheating, stealing from or killing who. It is my opinion that while the world today is not yet set up for the second coming of Christ, due to prophecies not being fulfilled as stated in the above information, it is certainly well established in wickedness, corruption and violence, making it ripe for judgment. As the U.S. is still the leading force in the world, even though we are quickly becoming (or have already become) a third world country in some respects (technology, manufacturing, etc), and is first to create many of the trends, both social and moral, that are adopted globally, it's not hard to imagine us being the primary target of God’s wrath. This isn’t just because we are so corrupt because corruption is rampant in every country on the planet today, but because if America falls, so shall the world. In the wake of the financial devastation alone the entire planet would yield to total chaos – leaving a timely opportunity for the anti-Christ to be ushered in as ‘savior’ to the world's problems. This will be much like what happened in Nazi Germany. The people saw Hitler as the savior of their country, building it up at least in psychological morale for a short time. And exactly the way it happened in Germany, good Christian folks will either worship him on bended knee or simply look the other way, ignoring the horror while concentrating on the false positives – playing out the charade until it’s too late. Once the anti-Christ is established, he will cause the false security of “Peace and safety” mentioned in 1 Thessalonians, paving the way for the return of Jesus.  So, America could be a key element in the establishment of the anti-Christ - even with the remnant here. And while this is all conjecture at this point, it is a fact that the United States of America does not exist, at the very least as we know it today, according to end time scriptures. When you consider all of this information and how it ties to scripture, it does give one pause.

To top it off, there are very well-known American prophets today that are jumping all over the upcoming tetrad blood moons of 2014-15 as signs of the coming judgment on the U.S.  In addition, if the U.S. does fall, Israel would lose its biggest supporter and ally. This event would certainly fall into the historical ramifications of the tetrad blood moons. Of the seven times throughout history that tetrad blood moons have occurred, four have coincided with drastic changes, mostly of hugely negative impact, for the Jewish people (For more on the Blood Moons, read HERE)

In the end (pun intended) when in doubt, consult the one source that has all the answers, IF you study it, the Bible.

~ May the blood of Jesus cover, bless and protect you!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

God Never Has To Say "Oops" (Jim Croft)

A great short teaching on the difference between signs and judgments.

Jesus prophesied that natural disasters, wars, famines and plagues would be signs of the approaching end of the age. Too many Conservative Christians are mislabeling the signs as judgments. The claim is that national repentance will diminish the signs from happening in our land. It won’t for 2 reasons.

First, no amount of prayer and repentance will keep the events from happening in diverse places that Jesus said must happen. And, two, the signs and God’s judgments are not synonymous. The signs can happen anywhere at any time at random. Judgments are like precision drone strikes and God never has to say "oops"

The fiery judgment on Sodom did not spill over into Abraham’s encampment. 

Lot’s wife turned to salt. His daughters just got a little sweaty from their flight. 

The earth swallowed the sons of Korah and the sons of Reuben who sided with them. The 250 men who were offering incense for them were struck by lightning. All the other people were frightened out of their wits, but were unharmed. 

Jericho’s walls fell, not those of neighboring cities. Rahab’s section of the Jericho wall stood secure, all the other brothels of the city were crushed. 

In the NT, Ananias and Sapphira dropped dead at Peter’s feet. Mo and Zelda down the block enjoyed joyous fellowship at their house church meeting that night. Herod was consumed by worms and died on the spot for his blasphemy. None of the audience burst open from creepy crawler infestation. 

When Paul struck Elymas the sorcerer with temporary blindness, the other members of the politician’s staff did not start groping about bumping into stuff. 

Like I said, God doesn’t ever need to say oops. Sincere, God fearing people would have a lot more credibility with the unconverted if they would quit calling the signs that Jesus said must happen God’s judgments. Until the judgments of the Book of Revelations hit, it is possible to circumvent many judgments by Christian disciplines. On the other hand, the signs will keep on happening no matter what anyone does. 

~Be blessed and be a blessing

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Intercessory Prayer and Fasting for 2014

Along with the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, we will be sponsoring regular meetings of prayer and intercession throughout the new year; we praise the Lord for you to join us! Please continue to pray with us every Wednesday for the rest of the year and to also fast on every first Wednesday of the month! Prayer and fasting is acceptable in the eyes of the Lord just as giving praise to Him is pleasing! David the King says: “You are holy, enthroned in the praises of Israel” (Psalm 22:3).

God’s authority and throne are in the midst of the praises of His people. When we approach the Lord in faith with praises in our mouths, we touch His throne and can be sure to attract His very authority and power to deliver us and to be manifested through our prayers. He hears us and as a result things happen both in the natural and supernatural world! Praise truly pleases the Lord!

The Apostle Paul directs the Church in Thessalonica to rejoice always and in everything to give thanks
(1 Thessalonians 5:16, 18). And to the Philippians he says: “Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say,
rejoice!” (Philippians 4:4).

When one realizes that joy actually carries in it strength and power, the command to rejoice becomes obvious. Nehemiah affirms this in his message to the people of God by boldly stating: “the joy of the Lord is your strength!” (Nehemiah 8:10). So the joy of the Lord is connected to His strength. That is why if you lack His joy, you will lack His strength. And if you lack His strength, you will live in defeat.

When you pray and intercede before the Lord, you should not leave your place of prayer until your spirit has hit the joyous note of the Holy Spirit. This is why praying according to the Word of God and with the direction of His promises is so vital and important. When we pray according to His will, He hears us. And when we know that He hears us, joy starts rising up in our hearts from deep within and we know we have what we have asked of Him (1 John 5:14-15).

In 2 Chronicles 20, the Holy Spirit has left with us forever the victorious story of King Jehoshaphat to illustrate for us the power of praise, adoration and worship when directed to God. All Judah was in danger because a great multitude of hostile armies were coming against them. So King Jehoshaphat leads all Judah to sing to the Lord and to praise the beauty of the Lord’s holiness. He does so by placing the singers and musicians to walk before his own army and a miracle of deliverance from the hands of their enemies happens without them lifting up a single sword to fight! God Himself had fought against the enemies of Israel! Here is a truth I learned in Africa: ‘When you pray, you war to win; when you praise, you watch to win!’ Praise is an expression of faith, and faith pleases God! The Bible says: “You are holy, enthroned in the  praises of Israel. Our fathers trusted in you; They trusted, and You delivered them.” (Psalm 22:3-4).  

So let us pray to God this month with praises in our mouth and trust in our hearts towards Him. Below are prayer requests which we ask that you lift before the Lord’s throne. In the majestic name of Jesus!

PRAYER POINTS For  February 2014

The next global day of prayer and fasting in our Isaiah 62 Prayer Campaign will be on Wednesday, the 5th of February 2014.
Prayer for the Middle East

1)     For the violence and tragedy in Syria finally to come to an end. And for the Church of Jesus Christ in Syria to be protected, to stay strong and to maintain their faith in the midst of all the sufferings and pain. Also, for the purposes of God to be fulfilled in the nation of Syria!

Pray according to 2 Thessalonians 1:1-12; Ephesians 6:10-18

2)     For the Lord’s purposes to be fulfilled in Egypt!

Pray according to Isaiah 19:18-25

Prayer for Israel

1)     For Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government. Also, for the Knesset members!

Pray according to 1 Timothy 2:1-6; Proverbs 21:1; Psalm 121:1-8

2)     For the Body of Messiah in Israel, both among the Jews and the Arabs!

Pray according to John 15:12-13, 17:6-26

Prayer for the Ministry of ICEJ

1)     For the vision and mission of the ICEJ to be clearly communicated to and understood among the Body of Christ in the nations!

Pray according to Isaiah 40:1; Genesis 12:1-3; Romans 15:27; Colossians 1:9-11; Ephesians 2:11-3:21

2)     For the favor and grace from the Lord to go before us in all our affairs within the land of Israel and concerning all our projects and connections in the different segments of society in the land!

Pray according to Numbers 6:22-27, 10:35-36; 2 Corinthians 13:14 

Thank you for joining our intercessors and may God bless you!


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