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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Are You Living in the Promised Land or the Wilderness?

Manna is a basic provision, wilderness food. The promised land has gold, silver, good soil, milk & honey - the land of promise and plenty. The issue is that when we try to step into the promised land, which requires work and action on our parts, we panic and go running back to the wilderness to what is comfortable, knowing that God will provide manna, the 'basics' for survival. Living in the Promised Land (Kingdom) life requires us to step out, working in the word of God, which includes trials, challenges, and a learning curve. We must learn how to work the land, plant the seeds and cultivate the crop. It requires us to totally step out of our 'comfort zone' in the wilderness of just existing in Christ and demands that we take action, labor and sweat in the fields in order to grow in Him. 

It's not comfortable to hang yourself out there but until you do, you will not see the desired fruit of your ministry. Or you can run back to what is safe, and spend the rest of your life in the wilderness.

~ Based on a teaching from Prophet Randi Lechner

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