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Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Parents Legacy in Israel - The Feast of Tabernacles

In the late 70's my folks were sent to Israel to bring the Gospel to the Jewish people. In the ten or so years that they were there, they witnessed countless miracles of God, including a 13 year old scoliosis victim's spine that went from an 'S' to a straight line right in front of their eyes while my mother prayed over her.

One of the things that pleased them so much was being a part of the crea
tion of the International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem,
leading their first prayer team and of the team that spearheaded the revival of the Feast of Tabernacles. When I met with the executives from the ICEJ in April of this year, Susan Michael, Director of the US Branch, told me that my folks were "like everybody's parents" back then and that they were loved by all. The ICEJ has gone on to grow into an International embassy representing Christians in all parts of the world - quite a legacy.

This is a link to various videos from the current Feast of Tabernacles. I hope you enjoy them...



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