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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mark Preaching at The Miami Rescue Mission

On August 23, 2013, Mark was asked to preach at the Miami Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter/rehabilitation located in the heart of the Overtown section of Miami. This is a facility for men only and houses, feeds, educates and gives career counseling for the homeless - stating that you are a believer is a pre-requisite of being accepted into the program, something that Mark learned while being driven to preach. The thing is, he had designed his message for the unsaved and had to do some last minute scrambling, re-writing even during worship.

This video is the resulting message to approximately 75-100 pf some of the toughest men from the streets of Miami. Of these, about 25 came forward at the call to action to step out totally for Jesus. What you don't see is that, from the 25 about 10 wanted additional ministering. Mark prayed over several men for physical healing (with one getting totally slain in the Spirit) and that they would find jobs and then joined Pastor Cecil Warren from The Word & Worship Center ministering to a group of four for further growth in their relationship with the Lord. All four men received the baptism in the Spirit and began to speak in tongues almost simultaneously. A great Kingdom night indeed!

May the blood of Jesus cover, bless & protect you!
~Mark & Cathie

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