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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jesus Heals Quadriplegic in Nepal

(Nepal)—Known in his Tibetan community only as "Grandpa," a 71-year-old man is today extolling the glory of God in his community after being healed of paralysis.

According to a Charisma News report, about 10 months ago, a Christian acquaintance of the old man, named Sonam Lhomi, introduced him to two Christian volunteers serving in Nepal. Grandpa had been paralyzed from the neck down for 3 years after he was caught in an avalanche. He was reportedly completely bedridden and requiring constant care at that time.

Sonam and the two volunteers, Eliza Ellis and Alexis Frei, proceeded to witness the love and power of Jesus Christ to Grandpa and offered to pray for him.
Grandpa walks"I requested them to pray for me," said Grandpa, "and they prayed for me a lot. The girls showed me how to pray to God, and then I prayed to God."

The old man's healing didn't happen immediately, but rather over a period of weeks in which he gradually began to regain movement in his body as he continued "praying and praying."

"I had no money," noted Grandpa, "no medicine and no doctor. Jesus healed me!"

The report notes that today Grandpa is a Christian attending the Lhomi church in his community and hopes to be baptized soon. Meanwhile, he is said to be energetically roaming the streets of his village telling everyone he meets, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I prayed to Jesus and now I can walk!"

Praise God!

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