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Thursday, June 6, 2013

What God Has Taught Me

Last week, after praying one night and asking God what I was supposed to be doing in ministry, He showed me in a dream that He has been teaching me all along, ever since I made my prodigal return last year, preparing me, step by step. "First the root, then the blade, then the stalk, then the ear and then the corn in the ear" according to a prophecy spoken over me last year.

First, He taught me to be obedient when He talks me, like turning around in the car to talk to a homeless guy named Karl, in the street - who I still keep running into all over Miami! Or stopping in the street to pray for a man with a neck brace and crutches - and seeing him run off praising God when he was totally healed in seconds or giving a church card to my very first client with Ricoh, only to find that they went to the same church that I was attending at the time, some 20 miles away! He made it easy for me on that one. I just had to obey.

He taught me to stand on His word and His personal instruction and use it with authority; when my back was healed last year quoting John 14 in the shower and asking for the healing in Jesus name or praying for the healing of a friend with pancreatic cancer, according to His words that He had given me the night before - and receiving confirmation of her healing the same night, before the scan the next day confirmed it.

God has taught me unquestionable faith and trust when I was taken to pray for a woman in the hospital and, faced with my first deliverance experience, a demonic spirit of addiction, I listened to His on-the-spot instruction, cast it out and the woman woke from a 3 year comatose state within a minute.

He has taught me humility in knowing that I am nothing without Him, saving my life in 2011 when I had 95% blockage in four arteries in my heart, starting me on my road back. The docs said that they had no idea how I was still breathing

He has taught me patience and that through persistent prayer and fasting He WILL come through - but on HIS time, not mine. I prayed for a mentor in healing & deliverance, someone from the old days, that I knew I could trust, for months and months and those prayers were answered just this week.

God is constantly teaching us in our every day walk with Him. If you pay attention, you'll understand that He is always there and has always been there, walking right beside you, just waiting for you to call on Him. And when you do He will surely answer - His word says so and besides - he loves you that much :)

May The Blood of Jesus cover, bless & protect you!

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