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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Word on Prayer and Faith

Children being activated to pray for healings. The innocence and purity is what God loves, so just ask.

The Kingdom runs on our faith in God - not the results of our faith but just the fact that we take action in faith. By nature faith denotes taking action. I recently heard someone say that faith is spelled R-I-S-K but I disagree. It could only be a risk if we had something to lose, which would be based in pride, not faith. By stepping out in faith the only thing we lose is ego and pride. God is the healer and we aren't and it's only when we begin to thing that there's something special about us that we become afraid of losing - reputation or being embarrassed. We actually have everything to gain through stepping out - namely a growth in faith! God loves it when we even step up and try! Therefore, we should be laying it out every chance we get to pray for someone. Blind eyes? Pray for sight! Deaf ears? Pray for hearing! Death? Command the spirit of death to leave and raise of the dead! Our attitude as Christians should be "Bring it on!"

Show up, pray up and let God show off!

May The Blood of Jesus cover, bless & protect you!

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