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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Basics of Deliverance - Part Five - Why Some People Don’t Get Delivered

Essentially, the reason for someone not being delivered is not meeting the conditions stated above, it’s just that simple. Derek Prince once said that, for the people that choose to be involved in this ministry, “deliverance is not a test of your Spiritual power but a test of whether or not the people to be delivered have met the pre-requisite conditions.”  Don’t focus on yourself when someone isn’t delivered; focus on getting the person being delivered to meet the conditions necessary to have God deliver them!

1)      Lack of Repentance (Self explanatory)
2)      Lack of Desperation – Deliverance is for the desperate; Passivity. This is especially common in people that have been involved in Buddhism or other ‘Oriental’ false religions. They are encouraged as a part of their training to put their mind in neutral – the result is a very passive attitude. This goes against everything that is basic with deliverance. A person has to will themselves to seek out help.

3)      Wrong MotiveJames 4:3 states “You ask and do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures.” We are not delivered to ‘get off the hook’, we are delivered to better serve God! People who come to be delivered to simply get free, without having a purpose to serve God, may not be delivered at all.

4)      Self-Centeredness – Some folks won’t be delivered simply because they are selfish, want to be the center of attention, and if delivered would have to give that up for some reason or another. These people fall under the ‘poor me’ syndrome – they need (and want) to be delivered but are content to be at the center of negative attention. Self-centeredness is also the most common characteristic or trait of all demons and creates an open invitation for demons to come into a person. These people can also be ‘repeat customers’, returning again and again to be delivered, without results. Sometimes you will just simply have to cut these people off by telling them that they know what the answer is and can do it themselves if they give up their selfishness.

5)      Failure to Break From Occult (Idols) – These can include statues of Buddha, lucky charms, pyramids, horseshoes – anything that favors a superstition. Moses told the Israelites that if they brought a cursed thing into their homes that they would become cursed. The same is very true today. All Christians should go through their homes and throw out everything that even resembles anything superstitious or of the occult. Do not keep anything in your house that dishonors Jesus or that honors Satan or his influence. This could be something as simple as a piece of art that includes a drawing of a dragon – anything that honors Satan.

6)      Failure to Sever Relationships or Influences – Sometimes we have to totally break ties to old relationships if they are either evil or cause us to do, speak or partake in evil.

7)      Under a Curse – Some people don’t believe in curses, they consider them to be fairly tales. These folks should spend some time with Cathie, who has done Spiritual battle with local witch doctors in Haiti, for example. The forces of darkness that enable witches or witch doctors to curse somebody are very real…and so are the curses. Those that are under a curse will not be delivered or healed until that curse is broken.

8)      Failure to Confess a Specific Sin – When confessing sins to God, be sure not to leave anything out. Some people actually think that if they don’t confess a sin that God won’t know about it…huh? This might include something that the person doesn’t even think is a sin – abortion would be a good example. Some people today think it’s perfectly ok to kill an unborn baby. News flash: In God’s eyes you have committed murder – confess it as murder, repent and move on! Remember, God cannot be shocked by your confessions.

9)      Not Water Baptized – Just as the Israelites were separated from Egypt by water, Christians must be separated from evil. 1 Peter 3:21 tells us that “baptism now saves you—not the removal of dirt from the flesh, but an appeal to God for a good conscience—through the resurrection of Jesus Christ” People that refuse or are not willing to be water baptized are not qualified to stay free. This is not an option but a direct command from God and therefore is not a denominational issue either – it is a command from God.  Derek Prince believed so strongly in this that he refused to be a part of any deliverance where the subject had not been water baptized.

10)  Part of a Larger Battle Requiring Corporate Action (Very Rare) – There are those people that fall under what my folks used to call ‘Satan’s battlefield’. In other words, Satan will not let them go because of what they stand for – and the whole body has to take responsibility for them. An example would be a young man who had Hodgkin's disease, an incurable form of cancer that attacks the lymph system. My Father died from this disease at the age of 37 – it is an incurable killer. So, this man was part of a fellowship that, when the church flourished, he was just fine, he wasn’t sick. But, if anything went wrong with the fellowship, Spiritually speaking, he would get sick again. Ultimately Satan got into the mix, split the fellowship down the middle on a Spiritual issue. The man died as a result. The man’s physical condition was an accurate barometer of the Spiritual condition of the church.

Even though I’ve never come heard of this specific instance (and neither had my parents that I know of) but Derek Prince had a few experiences with people that fit this description.

May The Blood of Jesus cover, bless & protect you!

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