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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bishop Dominiquae & Rabbi Baruch Bierman in Miami January 20, 2013

We are sponsoring a visit from Bishop Dominiquae & Rabbi Baruch Bierman, who will minister in Miami,  at the Word & Worship Center, at 2PM on January 20, 2013

It is time for the greatest restoration of all time: The Jewish people back to their Messiah and the Christians back to the original Gospel which was preached by the Jewish Apostles. For almost 2000 years the world has been waiting for this great restoration, the angels are watching, demons are trembling!

Dominiquae heard the voice of Yeshua calling her near the waters of the Sea of Galilee telling her: “Run for your life, be baptized and be saved”. Baruch was lost in jail in the USA and there the Messiah appeared to him. They were both born Jewish and were desperately lost, hurting and needing to know that the God of Israel was still ALIVE…

Today Bishop Dominiquae is the director of Kad-Esh MAP Ministries International with the help of her husband Rabbi Baruch Bierman. It is based in Israel, USA, Peru and Finland and many more in the making!  It operates from Eilat, Israel and reaches out to many nations worldwide. She is also the president of GRM Bible School, a bible school free of replacement theology, rich in church history, the Jewish roots of the faith and Israel.
Rabbi Baruch and Bishop Dominiquae have been cross cultural preachers of the gospel, travelling to the nations extensively; preaching the gospel of the Kingdom in its original Jewish context, with Apostolic thrust and Prophetic anointing. They are graduates of Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas and affiliated with "TAPAC"-Trans Atlantic and Pacific Alliance of Churches in London.

Rabbi Baruch is a wonderful example of faithfulness and servant-hood as he supports his wife, Bishop Dominiquae, and accompanies her as her personal overseer and intercessor in most of their Apostolic Journeys. He carries with him a wonderful gift of healing and a fervent message of deliverance to women. When he preaches about "Women in Ministry", many men and women come to freedom and many receive healings and miracles from incurable diseases.

Bishop Dominiquae has written many books to restore The Church to its Original Apostolic Jewish Foundations and to call the nations to repentance. Her books restore the true Gospel as it was preached by the Jewish Apostles 2000 years ago. The most well known of them is “The Healing Power Of The Roots” and of lately “Sheep Nations”, "Grafted In", "Stormy Weather", "The MAP Revolution" and "Yeshua Is The Name".

She has a PhD also in Religious Philosophy and an honorary Doctorate because of her life work. On March 22, 2004, Dr. Dominiquae Bierman was officially consecrated to the office of a Bishop by TAPAC ( ), Trans Atlantic Pacific Alliance of Churches based in London, England, thus becoming the first Jewish woman Bishop. Her ministry is followed by many signs, wonders and miracles of Reconciliation, Deliverance and Restoration and her mandate is the Triple Mandate to: Raise the Church as an Esther, To Bless Israel and to Save the Nations.

As part of that mandate she has been one of the spearheads in the movement of restoration of the Sephardic Jews to their identity lost during the Spanish Inquisition. Multitudes of them are being restored as she preaches God’s Word.

"When He sends me to a nation it is He is preparing a Move of God in that nation and thus the need to get the Key of Abraham for the blessing of the nation as mentioned in Genesis 12:3. That is the Key that turns a whole nation into the Blessing position to become a SHEEP NATION according to Matthew 25:32. May Your nation be ready to receive this Most Important Key and may all national curses be broken as we come in the name of YAHVEH! We are excited! We hope that you have some intercessors praying!”

As we go in the End Time anointing that He has given to us, we see many family and national curses broken, families and individuals restored in spirit, soul and body. As we preached in Peru, 11 families that had lost their children to gangs and to kidnapping received their children back in less than 48 hours!!! In Ecuador an army soldier was about to murder his son because his wife had left him and he was enraged, as he came to the meeting and curses broke, he got reconciled with his God, his son and led his wife to the Lord and the whole family was restored that night after the meeting! In France through the Word of Knowledge, a lady of more than 60 years of age was prevented from divorcing her Jewish husband of over 30 years! In Germany as we broke a demonic national covenant with the Nazi party, a woman was set free of many demons. On top of all of these we have had blind eyes from birth opened, deaf ears opened, club feet healed, deformed genitals recreated, money miracles, outpourings of Gold Dust, surgeries cancelled, the dead raised in Israel and the agonizing recovered, I could say a lot more but it would take me the whole night. May YAH'S name be glorified!!!"

If you haven't heard Christianity taught as the first disciples did or seen the Biermans minister, I highly recommend that you come out for this powerful, spirit-soaked afternoon in such an intimate setting. 

The Word & Worship Center is located at 8601 SW 199th St, Cutler Bay, FL 33189.

~Mark & Cathie

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