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Monday, November 5, 2012

Pray for this Missionary!

Just received this email from KP Yohannan. Urgent need for prayer for this missionary.


One of our pastors was brutally beaten at his home this weekend and threatened with more violence if he doesn't leave his village. I ask you to join me in prayer as we remember that persecution is a daily occurrence for our brothers and sisters around the world.

Last Saturday, November 3, Pastor Nirbhay came home after a normal day of sharing Jesus' love. That evening, members of an anti-Christian group attacked him in his own home, beating and kicking him. He cried out, asking why they were beating him.

"You are converting people in our village and changing our religion to Christianity," they responded.

After the persecutors finished beating him, they left, threatening, "You must leave this place soon. Otherwise, next time you will not be able to walk and do your work."
The attack was so severe that Nirbhay suffered a fracture in one of his hands. Pastor Nirbhay was treated for his injuries at a nearby hospital. He is currently recovering at home with his wife and three-month-old son. 

Please pray for:

- Pastor Nirbhay's speedy recovery.
- God to protect his family against any future attack.
- The believers in Nirbhay's congregation to have courage as they follow Jesus.
- God to speak to the hearts of these persecutors, opening their eyes to His love.

Thank you for going to the Father in prayer on behalf of our pastor. God delights in bringing good out of evil for the furtherance of His kingdom!

Yours for the lost,

K.P. Yohannan

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