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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nothing Has Changed

It is the eleventh hour and Obama has just been re-elected. The blow to the Christian church and the true body of Christ is comparable to a crisp smack in the face. So what now? What are we as Christians supposed to do with a President who has no Godly conscience or Christian moral compass? The same thing we would have done if Mr. Romney would have won - pray.

The bottom line is that no human being holds any key to anything...God still reigns on high and, as functional members of the body of Christ, we must pray for whomever holds the office of President. We must pray for God's guidance for Mr. Obama the same as we would have for Mr. Romney...nothing has changed. We must pray for the salvation of Mr. Obama the same as we would have for Mr. Romney...nothing has changed. We must pray that God's hand would touch this great country and once again guide her to a return to Him...nothing has changed. We must pray not only for the unity of the government but also for the unity of the body of Christ - and as this election has magnified, the body is totally dysfunctional, at best - that all Christians would come to know the Spirit of God and seek more earnestly His face...nothing has changed. We must pray for each other; for healing, for salvation of the unbeliever, for deliverance of the demonized and for the growth, unity and maturity of the body...nothing has changed.

So, my brothers and sisters in Christ, fret not that our candidate of choice has not won this election, for on the higher plane of our great commission...nothing has changed. We know that, according to prophesy, unless this country turns back to God, it really doesn't matter who won tonight. In the end, God will win out. We know this because we've read the book - and we know how the story ends.

May The Blood of Jesus cover, bless & protect you!

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