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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Israel's Only Messianic Village Holds Fast Amidst Persecution

Many are unaware that nestled in the hills outside of Jerusalem is a Messianic communal village where some 150 Israeli believers live, work and provide a "living testimony" of faith in Yeshua. But that identity has often come at a price, and recently the village of Yad Hashmonah was sued and ordered to pay damages after it refused to host a lesbian wedding at its beautifully constructed event hall and biblical gardens.
The courtroom defeat was only the tip of the iceberg, Yad Hashmonah spokesperson Ayelet Ronen told Israel Today.  "We have already received phone calls from many more homosexual groups and couples saying they want to get married here. To avoid another legal problem, for now, we simply cannot book anything at all" at our guesthouse and event center, explained Ronen....
Praise and Prayer Points 
Praise Elohim for this special village! As you can see there is a strong harassment coming towards this community and place! The evil one is contending for it. Therefore we ask you to intercede for strategy, direction, much wisdom, as well protection, for the believers and leaders living in this village that they be strong! May they find the way through all this and resist firmly on this matter and not give in! There is also an expansion planned  for 92 townhouses for believers ,as well an industrial park in order to create jobs for them (often mess. believers lose jobs due to their faith), another form of harassment !  So we have to be wise and creative to make a better plan!   

Israel Today: By Ryan Jones 

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  1. God Bless Israel. God give them strength and protection. God be their vindicator, their warrior, their shield, their fortress, and their strong tower.


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