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Thursday, October 18, 2012

40 Days To Save America Fast & Prayer - Day 21

Day 21

God's 911

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Psalms 91:1

The secret place is where you get under the wings of God. Nothing can touch you because the Lord Himself is like a great eagle spreading His wings out over you. The best picture for us is from the first Passover. When Israel put the blood of the Lamb on their doorposts, it protected every person within from any attack. They were in the secret  place covered by the blood.

One of the best ways that we can abide in the secret place is to connect with the awesome reality of the blood of Jesus that covers. Every time we plead the blood, we are stepping into that shelter. Every time we take communion, we are entering again into the shed blood or our Passover Lamb, Jesus, and the promises there. Let us enter into the secret place for our nation right now. Let us plead the blood, applying it to our doorposts and boundaries, and pray for God’s protection and deliverance from the slavery of economic fiscal policies that are putting us and our children in bondage.

Prayer Day 21

Heavenly Father, You say that a thousand may fall at our side, and ten thousand at our right hand, but it will not come near us. Lord, we plead the blood of Jesus over America, and draw our nation into the shelter of Your wings. We are dialing Your 911**, and asking You to give us deliverance. Give Your angels charge over us, binding wickedness, witchcraft, enchantment, and fraud. We are confessing that no evil will befall us. We declare that You are our refuge, and we need Your mercy and victory for America.
**Take time today to declare Psalm 91 over yourself, your family, and our nation.

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