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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Our good friend John was admitted to the hospital yesterday with symptoms of a heart attack. After examination the doctors determined that he had an attack, but couldn't say when or how bad it was. They also determined that they would perform a Cardiac catheterization to place a stint in a blocked artery. John is out of surgery but they couldn't put the stints in...he has three blocked arteries. As was my case a year and a half ago, the docs say the only option is open heart surgery, on Thursday, to bypass those vessels...but then they don't know the healing power of Jesus!

Please join us in praying for total restoration of John's heart and arteries in the name of Jesus! We bind any and all unclean spirits o
f ill-health and disease in him and loose the healing power of Jesus on John Copeland. We stand on Isaiah 53:5 that "with the stripes that wounded Him we are healed and made whole!" We refuse to accept any other consequence other than total and complete restoration in the name of Jesus! We claim it and stand firm on the word of God by faith and shall not be shaken! We praise you and thank you Lord and look forward to a good report!

1 comment:

  1. John is just out of quadruple bypass surgery and all is going well...praise God and keep on praisin Him!!


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