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Sunday, September 2, 2012



We just received word that a missionary from Nashville, TN. needs our prayers. Mark Carmack recently returned from Africa with a severe brain and spinal virus/infection of some kind that has caused a tumor in his brain and a severe infection in his spine. His kidneys are also failing...

Mark’s sister reports that the pneumonia and blood infection are gone; but more issues have been discovered that are attacking Mark’s body. Among them: while the tumor has not increased, there are now lesions in his brain-and his kidneys continue to fail, thus requiring dialysis, which will be continued a bit longer. There are also viral infections still invading the spine...Mark is in Vanderbilt Hospital ICU on the 8th floor of the Critical Care Tower. 

the doctors feel there is nothing more they can do for our precious brother and are set to remove him from life support Monday, September 3 at 2PM. We have assembled a small group here in Miami and are praying through the night. Please do the same! Praying for a full recovery ...binding any and all unclean spirits of sickness! Loosing the healing power of Christ! 

Claiming in the name of Jesus and standing on victory that is ours! Sending the devil back to hell where he belongs!

Hah-Dah-Shah  Cura-Bah-Shah-Bah! 
(Heal and make new) 

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  1. Missionary Mark Carmack of Nashville, Tn. went home to be with God last night! Rejoice for he is roaring triumphantly with the Saints! We all did out part in stepping out and praying for healing - and let there be no second guessing or questioning. Mark was a strong Christian and is now celebrating in heaven!


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